Long Reach Excavator, Dozers & Scrapers Hire

We provide a complete service with our range of long reach excavators and dozers. We travel any where in Australia and have bases in Victoria and Gold Coast.


  • 12 ton standard boom excavator with rake ,grab, rippers ,auger drive and full set buckets
  • 20 ton Long Reach excavators with 16m reach with bucket ,rake ,grab and auger drive
  • 20 ton standard boom with rake ,grab ,rippers, mud , trenching and gp buckets
  • 35 ton Long Reach excavator with 22m reach with mud bucket and grab
  • 45 ton Long Reach excavator with 24m
  • Reach with mud bucket

long reach excavators & Scraper


  • D5N dozer with 6way blade stick rake and rippers
  • D6H dozer with stick rake and rippers
  • D6H swamp dozer
  • D7H with rippers and stick rake
  • D9N with rippers and rake


  • 633E Elevator scraper
  • 613C Elevator scraper


  • 12H with rippers And GPS
  • 140G with rippers


tractor laser scraper